AM Compressors provides a range of compressors to suit different applications and budgets.

Rotary Screw - Belt Driven

Pascal Series
The compact design is ideal for installation when space is restricted or in situations when the compressor needs to be installed near the production activity. From 4 to 15 kW, 270-lt air receiver mounted.

Rotary Screw - Belt Driven

Mercury & Sirio Series
Mercury : 5.5 kW | Sirio : 7.5-11 kW
The attention to detail in the build, finishing and testing of the product results in a high performance, high reliability and silent operation. Long life POLY-V belt-drive.

Rotary Screw - Direct Drive

Nobel Series
Oil injected rotary screw compressors with direct transmission. The very low operating speed along with the use of radial cooling fans allows NOBEL series compressors to achieve the lowest noise levels in the sector.

Rotary Screw - Direct Drive

Edison DV & Newton Series
Edison is a variable speed unit.
Newton is a fixed speed unit.
The direct drive arrangement eliminates power losses in the transmission and is virtually maintenance free. Models from 45 up to 75 kW are optionally available with integrated refrigerated dryer.

Rotary Screw - Fully Featured

Kelvin Series
The integration of all the fundamental components that make an ideal compressed air system (screw compressor, dryer, filters, controller and air-receiver) are arranged into a single modular device, providing an extremely compact space saving solution

Rotary Screw - Industrial

Kelvin Series
The KELVIN range features a fully integrated and complete air treatment module (DF models) including a generously sized refrigerated air dryer and both inlet and outlet high efficiency filtration. Good design and extensive sound insulation result in very quiet operation.

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