AM Compressors were formally known as Air Maintenance offering service and sales for over 30 years into the Victorian Market. In 2018 Air Maintenance was purchased by Mr. George Vryonis who injected capital into the Company and secured the Australian agency for Power System Italy. Power System are part of the FNA Group of Companies who have manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia.

The FNA Group supply Stanley Tools Worldwide, Super Cheap Auto Australia and approximately 60% of the world market in small piston compressor from their manufacturing plants in China and Europe. Their Industrial screw compressors are all European build in their two plants located in Turin and Bologna Italy. Power System have been imported into Australia for over 30 years. The Power System range of compressors have been supplied to hospitals, Qantas, Tafes, Plastic manufacturers and all manufacturing industries. Victorian sales of the Power System range of oil injected screw compressors are in excess of 300 units per year ranging from 4kW to 160kW. Power System and FNA are sold on every continent in the world and are fully factory supported with OEM componentry.

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